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February 9, 2009

~Hello to all you beautiful souls~

Here I would like to share a bit of my life's journeys along with the accounts of my first three Ayahuasca ceremonies in the deep Peruvian Amazon and how I came into the role as one of the  co-creators of the Nimea Kaya Healing Center, formally known as Tierra Vida.

During my late teens my interest in shamanism and Eastern religion was sparked. I attended the University of California at Santa Barbara where I began to delve into religious studies and philosophy. My interest shortly thereafter became more directed towards shamanism, especially ancient Toltec wisdom and Nagualism.  I ravegedly read the Carlos Castaneda series of books which in turn strongly pulled my attention towards working with entheogens. As my intellectual interests turned away from academia and more towards personal direct experience with life and Mother Earth, I decided to take a leave of absence from the University.  I was in my early twenties and was determined for a life of adventure and travel. The next ten years of my life were a time of intense learning indeed.  I was fortunate enough to volunteer in India, where I taught English and lived in an ashram where I  practiced yoga and meditation.  I also traveled various times to Mexico and Guatemala, exploring ancient Mayan ruins as well as studying the Spanish language at the University in QuerĂ©
tero.  In January 2008, I had the opportunity to work with the Nagual Lujan Matus in Bali. The experience was beyond description, I was truly blessed to learn so much from this impeccable warrior.  I have been involved with learning about self-sustainable living and helped in building an earthship on land off grid in Arizona.  These years have been a long road on continual learning and healing. With the incredible change we are experiencing on this planet, with the Great Shift of the Ages upon us... this is the time to heal and transform! What a gift that we are alive at this momentous time in history!

Madre Ayahuasca reached out her call to me in early 2007.  Although I had heard of this Amazonian medicine briefly in the past, I never felt called like I did at this moment.  I was at a sweat lodge in Sedona, Arizona and my friend and healer Jade Wah'oo told us about these life transforming ceremonies in the Amazon. After hearing about his personal experiences with the medicine, I felt the immediate knowing within my heart that this was the next step I needed to take in my spiritual path of awakening and self-empowerment.

For the next three months I began researching Ayahuasca in depth, reading peoples personal experiences with the medicine, and contemplating how I could best prepare myself for such a profound transformation. I began journaling my thoughts, feelings and intentions for my initial work with the medicine. My main intentions were to transform the fear I had in my life. Notably the fear of change, of not being worthy enough to grow stronger in my spirituality, fear of silence and inner stillness, and fear of issues concerning money. I also set the intention to heal blockages in my chakra centers caused by a lifetime of issues saturated by anger, sadness and depression. I wanted to start clearing up karmic matters concerning family and my upbringing. Although this was covering much, I knew I just needed to trust in the Spirit of Ayahuasca, knowing that she would take me where ever I needed to go to get the healing process started.

Here I recount my first three life transforming ceremonies with the medicine.

May 11th, 2007

After departing Yarina Cocha Port and boating down the Ucayali River all day, our group had reached our evenings destination where we would camp and drink the sacred brew for the first time. The night was still, and much of the jungle canopy overhead darkened the night sky. Our group gathered snugly into the ceremonial tent with our Shipibo Curandero Carlos and his wife Angelina. Although a sense of nervousness flowed through me I knew I was in the safety of a great group of people and shaman friends from home. The curandero began to whistle his personal icaros into the brew and then performed soplados with agua de florida for each participant, blowing this flower water essence onto the crown of each persons head.  The shaman then began to pour the brew into a small gourd like cup and passed it to the person next to him. My turn came shortly thereafter to take my cupful. I silently gave my thanks and prayer to the Spirit of Ayahuasca and swallowed the bitter drink with great humbleness.  I laid onto my back and within twenty minutes the visions started to come on strong.  A myriad of kaleidoscopic and geometrical shapes began morphing in and out of my minds eye.  I began feeling a profound sense of gratitude for my life and for all the friends and family I was so lucky to have.  After a short while had passed the visions started to cease.  I decided to leave the main ceremonial tent as it was very physically crowded which was becoming distracting to me.  I went into my individual tent that was set along side the main ceremonial tent and therefore was still able to hear all that went on.  I just laid there relaxed, feeling quite sober, waiting for the medicine to go into the next phase of healing with me.  There was talk going around that the brew was not strong enough and second cup was being offered.   immediately returned to the main tent to retrieve my dose and then again returned to my small tent.  Not too long after I began to feel a sickness churning about in my gut.  I made my way out to a tree and tried to purge, but to no avail.  Then all of a sudden I began to feel an inebriation that was beyond comprehension, feeling like I might just pass out or die. I could hardly hold myself up and the mosquitoes were feasting upon my flesh.  Somehow with all my will power, I was able to make it back to my tent in utter darkness and then laid down on my stomach. I started feeling a very intense pain in my liver and knew the medicine was working toxins out of my organs.  The Ayahuasca proceeded through my intestinal tract releasing all the unwanted material stuck in the crevices.  As the pain continued I lay there unable to move.  I felt myself energetically purging toxins and negative energy into the Mother Earth.  I felt like I weighed 500 pounds as the Earths gravitational field held me down strongly.  I surrendered to the experience knowing it must take place in order for me to be cleansed and healed.  Fortunately, Pachamama was able to take this unwanted energy from me and transform it unto something else entirely.  I then began to go into an even darker place.... a black void of nothingness.  I couldn't move, nor could I even think a simple thought.  I had no choice but to surrender to this vulnerable and frightening state.  My conscious awareness had completely left my physical body... wandering aimlessly through these dark pits of hell....trying to find it’s way back to what I identified as "me".  This lasted quite some time although time seems very irrelevant in experiences like these.  It was excruciating on all levels, I couldn’t imagine anything worse for myself.  Eventually I began coming out of this deep state within the darkened void.  I again went outside to purge all that I had just experienced, with great success. The following couple of hours were spent with my friend Deana and I recounting our nights experiences with one another.  I began to realize that I had to experience these dark hellish like places so that I could purge these fears that were created during my upbringing.  Feeling quite physically exhausted, I soon fell asleep thereafter.

May 12th, 2007

We had again boated down the river the following day to a spot that was much more spacious and beautiful.  We spent the day canoeing and helping Carlos the shaman make the next evenings batch of the sacred medicine.  I was much more determined this second evening to have a better and more positive experience.  With the confidence of a warrior, I swallowed the cupful of Ayahuasca.  This second time around was more difficult to swallow as the alkaloidal bitter flavor was much more pronounced.  I again decided to leave the the main tent since I was more comfortable with physical spaciousness around me. I went out and laid in a hammock nearby where I could still hear the icaros that Carlos and Angelina sang.  I wrapped myself up in it cocoon style as the mosquitos were buzzing loudly all around me.  I very soon started to enter into a deep trance like state.  I could barely believe how strong the medicine was coming on.  It wasn't like the previous evening coming on more slowly and gently.  The explosion of colors and densities of fluidic energetic form filled my minds eye.  There was no making sense of it.  They were becoming intense torrents of energy sweeping throughout all my being.  It was unbearable at times.  There was nothing I could do but surrender.  Just ride the wave I reminded myself, just be the observer and try not to get to caught up in it.  The entire evening was filled with these torrents of energy, only slightly ceasing to allow my physical body to do it's purging. Lucky me had the pleasure of purging out of both ends, releasing multiple years worth of vile toxins and negative energies.  The healing process was more difficult than I had ever imagined.  The night seemed to go on forever.  I was out alone in the jungle and although I could hear the icaros off in the short distance, I could never seem to make it back to the ceremonial tent.  My astral body was continually flying throughout the unknown, no thoughts or feelings, just being.  This feeling of being deep in an altered state on awareness was beyond anything I had ever felt before.  I would become so thirsty at times but to grab my water bottle that was in reach of my body became the most monumental task.  To try and get up to walk back to the ceremonial tent was out of the question. 

At various times throughout the night, visions were coming through more clearly and I was able to comprehend more of my journeying process. As I listened to Carlos' beautiful tribal icaros dance away from his lips, I began to "see" ancient Amazonian shamans sitting out in the jungle in meditative postures, some of them levitating.  Later in the evening as I was strolling about I suddenly saw "shadow beings" in the jungle foliage.  They can also be referred to as demons or flyers.  They were without a doubt very real.  These were my own personal demons that have been following me throughout my life and feeding off my negative energies.  Now here I was standing in front of them face to face.  I don't know why exactly but I ironically got a very humorous attitude with them which was quite comical.  They appeared to go away. (Showing no fear is very important in these types of situations, something my higher self knew and acted upon immediately.) A few minutes later, more of these demon like figures re-appeared, this time way more pissed off.  They looked a bit like black shadowed gremlins and they were then growling and snarling at me.  I sent them love and compassion and wished them luck in their own evolutionary process.  They certainly did not like this and disappeared quickly. 

Later in the night I had very strong visions of bringing groups of people down to the jungle to begin their own healing work with the medicine, (hence the retreat center).  I was having many conversations with the souls of other people about how this medicine could help heal them and further their own spiritual development.

I had to continue riding out these torrents of energy until I could be back in my own body enough to use it normally. I remember hearing many other participants doing a lot of purging and was feeling such love and happiness for them because I knew they were truly healing.  I do remember at times feeling that I was perhaps too deep in the medicine, losing control of my mind, not knowing if I’d ever make it back.  But still I would always surrender to the medicine (not that I had much of a choice), trusting She would take care of me in these vulnerable states that I was experiencing.  This night seemed to have lasted about 25-30 hours within my perception, an experience that taught me that time and space are truly illusions...very fascinating to say the least.

May 13th, 2007

My third night of ceremony was the most profound. Once again after boating down the river even further, we reached an unexpected paradise.  The camp along the waters edge had been cleared of much vegetation to keep the insects away. The view was magnificent.  Huge coconut palms and Poma Rosa trees lined the rivers edge while multi-colored butterflies danced across the shimmering water.   I knew after the two previous nights of hard work that I would be in for another intense night of healing and awakening.  The night began with a determination to yet again have a "better" experience, but my entire being was still filled with much nervousness and trepidation. At the end of the previous two nights I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know if I can do this another night”. My heart was beating so loudly I thought everyone in the tent could hear it.  My turn came around and I asked for a lesser dose due to the strong bitter taste and the fear I had of going too deep into the medicine again.  The energy of our circle was strange that night.  Five more people chose not to drink the Ayahuasca.  But I nonetheless was not going to pass up another opportunity to heal myself.  I wanted to enter into a deep state of consciousness... but in a protective environment away from the mosquitoes.  I again entered my individual tent with my purge bucket where I felt I could have the space to comfortably let the medicine work on me.  I laid there for quite a while and did not feel the medicine coming on.  I could hear some of the others who had drank and knew they were already entering deep into trance.  I decided to return to the main tent and asked for more.  I swallowed another half dose, learning always to take the full dose of the medicine.  Trust the shaman, they know how much to give.  I then wandered out into the jungle where the rest of the group was.  They were looking at the luminescent fungi growing on a section of earth.  Soon thereafter everyone went their own way and my friend Deana and I remained out in the jungle together.  We chose to buddy up for the entire evening... something I had not done previously since I was always journeying solo through my experiences.  Not much time lapsed when all of a sudden the Ayahuasca overtook me.  I had to come into a kneeling position on the jungle floor as the visions and torrents of colorful energy became overpowering.  I again had to just ride them out while I focused on my breathing.  I eventually was able to get up and walk a little ways when suddenly I felt my entire being begin to die. This feeling of death coming upon myself was so very frightening but I knew deep down on a subconscious level that I wouldn’t really physically die.  Yet my brain and ego truly thought I was which made it all the more terrifying.  I called out to Deana to tell her I thought I was dying, and a few seconds later I had fallen to the ground.  Later that evening she said she saw many white lights flying around my head while I was going through this process of ego-death.  I had completely surrendered to this death that I was experiencing and at the same time had no choice but to do so. The next thing I became aware of was that I was laying in a fetal position on the ground but at the same time I was back in the womb.  This womb was of the Universal Mother, my real mother.  While being in this beautiful place I felt an infinitesimal amount of love and security that I have never before felt in my life.  I could have laid there in that space of love, comfort and safety for eternity. But eventually I slowly started my birthing process out of Gaias' womb, back into this world where my work lay awaiting for me.  Magically enough while my being was in this high frequency of vibration the mosquitoes and other insects didn't bother me one bit.  Deana at the same time was experiencing very profound realizations and intense purging.  We would call out to each other every now and then making sure we were still nearby each other.  Neither of us could move very much from the spot we were occupying in the jungle. We were laying around on a very narrow path that went back into the denser foliage.  The visions and torrents of divine energy remained strong, I had no thoughts or feelings at these times, just riding out the waves. The next thing I remember is coming more to my senses and feeling the need to purge. The feeling came on stronger but for some reason I was not able to get anything out.  I was sitting on my knees hurled over with my face close to the ground. Then all of a sudden I inhaled some insects, probably mosquitoes. They went deep into my throat and at that point I immediately started coughing and trying to hack them out. Well that did the trick and seconds later I was vomiting profusely.  So in a way it was a blessing.... the little insects of the jungle helping me out.  As the night went on without any concept of linear time, I eventually was able to walk around a bit more.  Then another strong wave of the medicine came upon us.  Again I was assuming the kneeling position, curled over with a blanket around me, keeping the mosquitoes at bay.  Suddenly out of nowhere I began to feel something I had never felt before with Madre Ayahuasca.  A cosmically orgasmic feeling began filling every cell of my being. Visions of beautiful light filled my minds eye. Words cannot describe this experience I was so fortunate to have. I felt it immediately to be a kundalini awakening. This rapture of orgasmic energy was radiating throughout all my being at such an intensity that it was almost too overwhelming. I was oooh-ing and awe-ing, having no control to do anything but that.  I was experiencing complete unification with the Divine.  I was completely embodying this cosmic orgasmic energy that consumed my mind, body and spirit.  It was like I was able to understand the many of the workings of the Great Universe but without any words whatsoever. This infinite knowledge was not being transmitted in a linear rational way.  Yet my entire being was being downloaded with cosmic wisdom and knowledge. My DNA being re-written while my heart chakra was expanding into depths of the Universe.  I was shedding past karmic energy and allowing this new energy of love to completely envelop me.  This experience is one I will never forget, one of complete purity and love.  I only wish everyone on this planet could have a similar experience. After the kundalini awakening I was filled with so much happiness and joy.  Deana was starting to come out of the heaviness of her journeying as well. We then proceeded into the night like young children in some magical fairytale village deep in the amazon jungle.  It was a new moon and the Milky Way and surrounding stars lit up the sky with an intense brilliance.  Deana and I returned to embrace our inner child, playing with such innocence and fun throughout the evening.  It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Within all this play and fun the purging and realizations continued. We would crack a joke and then puke a little and then bust up laughing.  Laughing I do have to say it such a great healing tool!!! What a night! Ego death, back in the womb of the Great Mother, rebirth through a kundalini awakening, to embracing the inner child~ what a blessing that was bestowed upon me.

Although I have written at length about my first three powerful evenings with Madre Ayahuasca, I feel it is very difficult to convey the vastness and intensity I experienced with just mere words. Throughout these nights of being in altered states of awareness I felt my true spirit become completely unidentified with what I always considered "me".   I was shown how my identity is simply an illusion, that we are all One and in this radical evolution together.  To be downloaded with Cosmic Divine wisdom was one the most spectacular and beautiful events I have ever experienced.  It was not the visions that I saw with my physical eyes nor my minds eye that was so amazing, but the realizations that I "saw" with the eye of my Heart.  These immense realizations that I came to through these ceremonies is what helps create the true foundation for the continual transformation in my life. I knew I had to take these tools I had been given by Madre Ayahuasca and integrate them into my daily life.  It became very clear to me where I was lying to myself.  Now I can no longer do that.  I am forced to face my fears and doubts as they come to me.  My drive to live an impeccable life has been strengthened with a forever growing conviction to succeed on my path!

We boated again all day and into the night to arrive back in the village of Nueva Luz where we would stay the night at a local lodge. The next day our guide Gilber offered to take us on a plant walk where we could see many of the organic fruit trees and medicinal plants of the area. During this walk I met  an American who was living in this village with his Shipibo wife. He had purchased this portion of land with some friends a few years previous.  He had expressed to us how he had the intention of creating a healing center there on the land but it had not been able to be manifested yet.  I immediately felt drawn to this land as my previous nights work and visions had directed my purpose here. We exchanged emails and continued communication as soon as I returned to the U.S. The vision of the center began evolving at great speed.  Although I experienced times of doubt concerning the center, not knowing if I really wanted all this on my shoulders, I ultimately knew this had become my lifes' true purpose ~ to be in the service of Madre Ayahuasca for the healing of myself, for others, and our beautiful Mother Earth.

I returned to the Peruvian Amazon six months later with my life partner Casey and a small group of friends who also felt the call to work with the amazing medicine.  I planned to further acquaint myself with land where we would be building as well as developing a relationship with the local community. My friends and I discussed the vision much more in depth, planning how we would initialize the foundation and infrastructure of Tierra Vida.  Although shamanism was very prevalent in the surrounding area of Pucallpa and the Ucayali River, there were no major healing centers established. Madre Ayahuasca sent the call to us to build the Center and provide healing for locals and tourists equally.  It was becoming much more real at this point, this awesome vision manifesting right before our hearts and eyes.

~ Here I will share many of my realizations and integration process that I have gained through my work with the Spirit of Ayahuasca. ~

Although my life has been blessed by numerous learning experiences such as travel, teachers,  practice of esoteric traditions, and direct medicine work, it has also been filled with feelings of spiritual emptiness and depression. I had always felt the solid and innate desire to have a deeply spiritual life.  My experience with the Christian church failed my expectations and belief system at a very young age.  I found myself constantly longing for the feeling of unity with the Creator, always searching for the next book, meditation technique or teacher that could help fill this hole in my heart. For me, meditation was difficult, not having the attention span and focus to keep up with it.  My internal dialogue always running rampant, my ego always challenging me.  Being truly "happy" in my life seemed to be very far fetched, simply an illusion.  Growing up in L.A suburbia amongst a materialistic consumer driven society was very difficult for me.  Something always seemed wrong, none of it made any sense to me.  It was not till I left home that I was able to have the necessary freedom to explore this multi-faceted and mysterious universe and begin my own process of awakening.

Since my initial work with Madre Ayahuasca in May 2007,  I have participated in numerous ceremonies with various curanderos.  I continually learn more and more, each ceremony being very unique and distinct from the previous.  Not all of them have been as intense as the first three and yet I have experienced ceremonies even more powerful than those.  The Spirit of Ayahuasca always knows what I need and the intensity level that I can handle at that specific time.  Doctor Ayahuasca has began healing many parts of my being, but there still awaits a long road in front of me of further cleansing and awakening.  Some people may only need a few ceremonies to heal whatever it is they need.  Some people may need to work with the medicine for much longer, years perhaps.

I would also like to emphasize here the importance of doing at least a series of three ceremonies in a row or during one week.  Three is a very powerful number, providing in a sense a beginning, middle and end to that specific healing journey.  Although is was difficult for me, I knew I had to participate in all three ceremonies to give true closure to my initial healing process.  Many people take the sacred brew only one time which will not always allow them to go into the deep places they need to reach in order to truly heal themselves.  The spirit of Ayahuasca works in the journeying process so that she may guide the participant into these deep states more gradually.  During my third night of ceremony, I reached the culmination of all my hard work and was clearly rewarded by experiencing ecstatic bliss and complete unification with the Divine.

Ayahuasca has taught me a myriad of valuable lessons. To begin, she began by helping me transform the fears I've been carrying around with me for so long.  I admit that I had a serious fear of death for a long time. Before I started working with the medicine I had no idea what awaited me on the other side, where my consciousness would end up.  Yet after my death experience in the third ceremony I have no doubt that I will be cared for when I cross over and that my soul will live on and continue its evolution on some other plane, in another incarnation, whether it be physical or in spirit.  As I have studied many esoteric traditions over the past 15 years, I have come to understand these teachings on a deep intellectual level.  They made perfect sense to me as the mundane reality in which I was a part of lacked much understanding.  Yet understanding these teachings in a cognizant rational linear method was barely the beginning.  Mother Ayahuasca, being the mother of all plants, sent me to a place that I never thought I'd reach in this lifetime.  I had read many books and stories of peoples metaphysical, astral travel and life transforming experiences, but I myself never thought I'd experience these things directly.  How wrong I was.

It is quite difficult to convey the intensity of these healing ceremonies to the western mind.  We have been conditioned to be left brained rational thinkers, and Ayahuasca is anything but that.  She is extraordinary beyond comprehension.  Learning with Ayahuasca through direct personal experience is completely beyond intellectual understanding.  This enables one to truly change their energetic structure, their DNA becoming changed and healed.  Yet these ceremonies can be very difficult for one to endure.  One must experience that which they release.  It is in a sense a recapitulation.  Past events and situations come up that need to be healed.  Karma is cleansed.  Energies are returned to their proper placements and/or persons.  And for this to take place purging must occur, whether it be vomiting, defecating, crying, shaking, laughing, or an energetic release. One must be willing to work for their healing.  It will not just come by imbibing the brew alone.  It is a journey where one must have the courage to face their deepest darkest fears and facets of themselves that they have hidden deep within.

This journey has been very challenging for me to say the least, but the rewards have far exceeded the demands of the work.  I have been able to embrace the path of an impeccable warrior with much more strength, confidence and conviction.  But this path still holds as a continual challenge that takes much intent and willingness to walk.  My ego tests its strength at times, trying to convince me of many false things.  It tells me I'm not good enough to be a spiritual light worker, that I have not cleaned up my BS enough to be where I'm at now, that I'm not trying hard enough to further my spiritual development.  But I know these truly are not my thoughts.  Although at times I let myself feed into this, like any person may do, I know that I am my Godself.  I am that I am.  I just remind myself that I shouldn't feel bad about myself when I'm feeling sad or depressed.  I need to go into it, observe why I am feeling so.  Observe it and realize that these issues or feelings are not really a problem.  Like Terrence Mckenna says, "Worry is preposterous. We do not know enough to worry."  Yet a breakdown can be a breakthrough!  We are all going through Great Shift of the Ages together.  Truly, what an amazing time to be alive!

We are all part of this Divine Creative Force manifest in this third dimensional density experiencing itself.  And now we have the opportunity, along with our entire galaxy, to transform and transcend. My consciousness has been expanded and my relationship with the Divine is forever growing.  I have been flooded with a freedom that I had only heard about in esoteric teachings.  Through Ayahuasca I have directly experienced this cosmic liberation that has broke down this illusion of separation all around me.  To heal this false sense of separation is an exquisite gift that we all have access to within our own hearts.

I am learning what it means to truly forgive myself.  I feel I have no problem forgiving others, but I have had many issues doing this with myself.  If we can't forgive and truly love ourselves, how can we do this outside ourselves?  I've spent my whole life feeling I was not worthy enough.  I was just some other ordinary girl raised in the suburbs of So. Cal, wasn't special and had no real purpose on this planet. Oh, how that has changed!  We are all special, and we all have a purpose.  And when my fears come to haunt me, I remind myself of my true power, that I CAN do this and am meant to do this.  My mantra has become: "I am living my truth for I am my Godself. I am love and radiate love all around me."  How grateful I am to be in the service of the Great Spirit.

I have integrated many teachings and lessons into my daily life that have helped me tremendously. Such as the simple act of not making assumptions, be this about people or situations.  This act has allowed the Divine to flow much more fluidly through my life which has also overflowed into the act of having no expectations.  There is a Divine plan taking place and I have no place to judge any aspects of this plan.  I just need to stay as impeccable on my path as possible.  I also include gratitude into my daily life.  I am so fortunate to have all that I do.  From the friends and family I have, the food I eat, spring water I drink, clean air I breath and the spiritual support I have, so grateful indeed.  I make sure to ask my guides and angels for help when in need, knowing they are here to help me every step of the way. I  take much more time now to embrace the silence, as that is where I am able to develop my true power.  I use breath work, the essence of my spirit to help ground me daily and keep me centered and focused.  My lucid dreaming has become much more developed, a powerful method in helping me on my path.  And most importantly are BELIEF and FAITH.  These two lessons are my strongest foundation on this arduous path of spiritual awakening.  I have nothing else.  If I do not truly believe and have faith in my own transcendence then what is the point to any of this?  I have been in the most trying of times in ceremonies with Madre Aya and have learned that I must surrender, believe and have faith. These actions are what have led me to my most transformative breakthroughs.

Upon this path of awakening, whether it be through Ayahuasca or any other path, I have learned that communication is of up most importance.  If you're feeling the need to vent and release some feelings and emotions, then do so.  That's why we are all here for each other.  We can continue telling our stories to one another getting through this spiritual birthing process together.  Communication is a fundamental foundation for humanity.  Realize we all express through different linguistic forms and cognition, open our perceptions and be supportive. We are truly ONE!

We as individuals must take upon ourselves the responsibility of transforming the world. We must be the change we wish to see.  If you feel the call to work with Madre Ayahuasca please do it, and I must emphasize the point "if you feel the call".   Ayahuasca is availing herself on a large scale to the masses during this critical time on our planet, but if you are not ready for her, then the medicine will likely not work for you.   It is important that one must have the intent and conviction to continue to change and harmonize their life after participating in the ceremonies. We have an opportunity to do major healing work on our souls while we are living in the Great Shift of the Ages.  Of course I don't know what that means exactly, nor does anyone. Yet there is much evidence to show this shift is inevitable and the more we as humanity are energetically healed and living in balance with our Pachamama then the easier this transition will be. There are many beautiful centers offering this healing service. Ceremonies also can be found in the U.S. and other Western countries. Just make sure that it is a place with up most integrity, one you can truly trust. May we all reach a place of pure love, harmony and liberation!

Some of my favorites from whom I have learned so very much: Micheila Sheldan, Dolores Cannon, Terrence Mckenna, David Wilcock, Lujan Matus, Micheal Newton, Elisabeth Haich, Carlos Castaneda, Bashar.


Yodood said...

Welcome to the whirled weird web and thanks for keeping it that way. I found you through your mentioning "self-sustainability" among your interests. I am intrigued by your efforts to begin a healing center in the center of the "cure" and will return to learn of your progress in hopes of availing myself of its lessons when you begin.

Kevin said...

oh jill thank you so much, that was such a moving and inspiring blog, i didnt want it to end! i am so grateful for this experience im about to embark on.

thanks again, and i will see you in a few weeks for this life transformating experience!!!!

peace and love